An Aggressive Range of Inline Skates

Maybe you're a veteran park skater or maybe you're just freestyle-curious. Either way, you know you want aggressive skates rather than classic inline. But there are so many styles and designs to choose from. Even if you're a rider from way back that knows your way around an anti-rocker setup, from Roces to Remz, USD to Anarchy, the choice can be overwhelming. To make life a little easier, here are a few of the most popular models and brands in our Aggressive skateshop online.

USD aims to offer Universal Skate Design

One of the new kids on the block, USD skates have been quietly creeping into the lead. Offering a whole suite of skate designs, they offer something from beginner all the way to pro rider. Their most popular entry level skate, the USD Sway has just received a slick new coat of paint. The Sway 57 offers a classic flat setup with a supremely generous H-block. So you can get the full control of a 4-wheel setup without sacrificing the ability to grind. On the other end of the spectrum, the USD Aeon boasts a wholly unique design that sets it apart. Unlike other skates, the USD Aeon is made using a uni-body construction. So the entire shell is one single moulded piece. This results in a skate that is one of the lightest and most agile aggressive available. Thankfully they're available in a range of colours and configurations, from the basic Aeon 60 to the pro model Sam Crofts.

Walking the Razors edge

Razors have been rolling for more than thirty years now. They've become a park-hold name thanks to their customisable approach and comfortable roll. Their SL model skates like the Henderson Pro and SL White or Navy are ridden around the world. Coming standard with Anti-rocker setups, the Razors SL is aimed at riders who are intermediate and up. Fitted with high end Ground Control parts and Reign liners, the SL offers awesome comfort and responsiveness. These are perfect park skates.

Anarchy in the streets

Launching out of the home of punk, UK based Anarchy skates are a relative unknown. But being an underdog doesn't mean bad. Their latest run at the ramp, the Anarchy Revolution II promises comfort and control wrapped in a high-impact whole. Thanks to a supple Nubuck liner, living in your skates is less of a pipe dream. But the Revolution also knows how to take a hit. Constructed from high-impact PU and Nylon fibre materials, the shell and frame and incredibly strong. This is a truly aggressive boot. For the junior rollers out there, the Anarchy Panik 3 offers adjustable length and predictable roll. With a wide H-block, UFS frame, 52mm wheels and Abec-7 bearings, the Panik is no toy. Though it has the spirit of an advanced skater, it was made with younger riders in mind. While other skates are fixed in size, the Panik features a length adjustable toe box so that it can grow as quickly as a kid's foot. Also, the soft comfort liner and SAS shock absorber cut the pain out of playtime. These are just a handful of Aggressive skates on the market. To get the full picture, take a look at our entire Aggressive Skates range.

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