Am I too old to Roller Skate?

Hi All, it's Franca, the owner of Extreme Skates here! I wanted to very quickly answer the question "Am I too old to Roller Skate" - of course not! To drive the point home, I wanted to share a story from our Brisbane Skate Shop. I was lucky enough to travel down memory lane with the beautiful Leanne, who spoke to me about her 30 plus years of roller skating. watch her interview 

She started out speed skating, but enjoys all kinds of roller skating including outdoor runs with her group of old school skate friends. She's even on them nearly every day! Amazingly, she wasn't visiting Extreme Skates for herself, her Riedell Roller Skates are in perfect shape, even after her 30 years of wearing them so often! The reason for her visit, was to buy skates for her son.

Leanne is looking forward to buying her son a set of skates so she can enjoy this ritual with him. Her message to others who used to skate 20 - 30 years ago was clear - 'you're never too old, and it feels just as good when you skate again'.

I also wanted to know why Leanne skates after all these years and what it makes her feel and she said 'feels like freedom, the wind in your hair, it just feels good'. So you heard it here - you are not too old to roller skate! That and Riedell Skates are a great boot that absolutely stand the test of time when taken care of properly. 30 years is an amazing lifetime for any hobby, especially one that is so demanding.

Come in and visit us in Milton, we're stringent on our social distancing policies - we even installed a hand washing basin at our front door! Or you can call us on 1300 318 011 and either myself or one of my expert team will be here to help you. I can't wait to hear from you, stay safe and come and visit us or call soon!