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Step onto the future with electric scooters! Read about them below or drop by our Brisbane Skate Shop in Milton to get a feel for your next motorised scooter in person.

Electric Scooters are becoming increasingly popular as they are the ultimate intersection of functionality and style. You can reach your destination with no effort or sweat and with little impact on the environment or your pocket! You will save time and money with your scooter upgrade.

The Inokim Electric Scooter is our most popular model, getting our customers from A to B with ease! The 10.3A lithium battery charges in just 6 hours and can power you for over 30 kilometres!

Our team at Extreme Skates have expert knowledge about scooters and are happy to assist with any questions you might have. We can also set up your new scooter to your height and walk you through set up and charging.

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