Crazy Wheels – FFWD 96A 4pk

The Control Series from Crazy brings you a top quality, affordable set of wheels that you can mix and match to suit your needs.

Made in the USA from high grade urethane guaranteeing great performance with every roll. These wheels are designed to be used by advanced skater or beginners, they offer a variety of sizes in all the different hardness’s, also different widths. Call us on 1033 318 011 to discuss which wheel size is best for your needs we are wheel addicts here at Extreme Skates and love talking wheels.

Their Story

Crazy Skates is an Australian manufacturer and doesn’t use a distributor that is why you get these amazing wheels with great quality at such an affordable price, plus we are big supporters of Australian Made products. They are a young and progressive brand understanding the needs and importance keeping up with technology while keeping the traditional proven methods of skating products. The company was founded by John Moore coming from a long background in the skating industry starting out working in roller skating rinks where he was inspoired to create products that would improve the personal skating experience for every rollerskater or rollerblader who loved the sport as much as he did.

The company has grown now to become an international company trading all over the world establishing a distribution center in the USA to manage the demand for Crazy Skates products and they continue to grow under the leadership of Trent Carter the CEO. The Crazy Skate company have developed new products specifically for roller derby, with the Crazy DBX range, the Crazy control Wheels and lots of other accessories too. They have wheels bags, laces bearings amazing toes stops the big block and the Bounce, now also with new formulas.


Top Quality Urethane

Solid Hub for added support and agility.

Available in 59mm x 38mm or 62mm x 38mm

Sold in sets of 4 so you can mix and match!

Get yours from Extreme Skates  Fast shipping Australia Wide.

Suitable for roller derby, ramp skating, skating, roller skating