Bont Boots - Quad Vaypor Carbon Leather

Bont Boots - Quad Vaypor Carbon Leather

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Bont Boots - Quad Vaypor Carbon Leather

Extreme Skates is proud to stock the Bont Boots - Quad Vaypor Carbon Leather. The Vaypor is quite a spectacular looking boot. It is definitely not traditional and it will stand out in a crowd. The design is sleek, modern and unique.

The Vaypor is stitched by an expert sewer who has no other role apart from stitching. Unlike most boots on the market that use cosmetic stitching, the stitching on Bont boots actually serves a purpose and stitches the outer skin to the boot itself. This results in less stretch and a longer lasting boot. The Vaypor incorporates a beautifully crafted double stitch into parts of the boot.

Cycling scientists have proven that cooler feet can boost performance. So the new Vaypor has more ventilation than any boot that we have ever made. The tongue is ventilated to let hot air out of the top of the boot. There are also ventilation holes on top of your toes that let cool air in and hot air out.

The Vaypor has a number of systems in place to hold you firmly in the boot. Firstly, there are the laces. Then there is a bottom velcro strap and finally a top lace cover with another velcro strap.


  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Non Stretch Patent Shoe Construction
  • Heat Mouldable
  • Secure double velcro closing sysme


Size - Insole Length

Size1 21.1cm
Size2 21.9cm
Size2.5 22.3cm
Size3 22.8cm
Size3.5 23.2cm
Size4 23.6cm
Size4.5 24.1cm
Size5 24.5cm
Size5.5 25cm
Size6 25.4cm
Size6.5 25.9cm
Size7 26.3cm
Size7.5 26.8cm
Size8 27.2cm
Size8.5 27.6cm
Size9 28.1cm
Size9.5 28.5cm
Size10 29cm
Size10.5 29.4cm
Size11 29.9cm
Size11.5 30.3cm
Size12 30.8cm
Size12.5 31.2cm