Undercover Wheels – Richie Eisler Circus 68mm 88a (4 Pk)

The Undercover Wheels – Richie Eisler Circus 68mm 88a are decadent and smooth!

Part of 2nd edition of Undercover’s popular “Circus” collection, they feature a magic carpet pattern on a cool white PU base. Named for inline creative Richie Eisler, these 68mm wheels are great for aggressive or powerblading frames. Thanks to their Bullet shape profile they offer speed and manoeuvrability, but also a bigger base for wheel slides and less bite on grinds. Additionally, the larger 68mm size straddles the line between aggressive performance and balanced stability. Moreover, they are poured using a Superurethane PU compound. This gives them plenty of grip and stability while maintaining shape. So, the Richie Eisler wheels are ideal for aggressive skating and tricks as well as urban cruising.

Undercover Wheels Features:

  • Diameter: 68mm
  • Durometer: 88a
  • Shape: Bullet profile
  • Suited Skating Style: Aggressive/Urban
  • Sold In Packs of Four

Undercover has been a leader in the aggressive wheel market for years. Their Superurethane PU compound is some of the best available. Now they’ve teamed up with Mater FSK, a leader in racing and free skate design. the result is a range of wheels that offer unique looks and outstanding quality. Their wheels are poured in California and created with the most durable, fast and grippy, PU and nest core compounds available in the industry.

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