Undercover Wheels – Grindrock 44mm 110A

Undercover Wheels – Grindrock are an aggressive anti-rocker wheel.

These wheels are ideal for tricks and grinds. With a 44mm diameter and 8mm bushings instead of bearings. The grindrocks are made of really strong and fast Fluid material, so you will not longer stuck while grinding. Place these wheels in the middle two slots of your setup for better control.

Undercover Wheels Features:

  • Diameter: 44mm
  • Durometer: 110a
  • Suited Skating Styles: Anti-Rocker / Aggressive
  • Sold individually

Undercover has been the leader in the aggressive wheel market for several years. Arguably the best PU compound available paired with a great team of world-class bladers as well as creative and colourful designs.

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