Undercover Wheels Chameleon 90mm 88a Red

The Undercover Wheels – Chameleon 90mm 88a Red are vibrant and reliable.

Made from long-lasting Superurethane PU to create fast rolling, but incredibly abrasion resistant wheels. The outer wheel is bonded to a strong hub which provides a solid and stable platform. The Undercover Chameleon 90mm have a Bullet radius shape. This narrower shape means more speed and manoeuvrability while also offering a bigger base for wheel slides and less bite on grinds. The 88a duro provides just the right amount of grip while maintaining speed and stability. Undercover are a leading urban, freestyle and aggressive aftermarket brand. Whether you are grinding, sliding, jumping or just cruising, these inline wheels have you covered.

Undercover Wheels Features:

  • Diameter: 90mm
  • Durometer: 88a
  • Shape: Bullet
  • Suited Skating Styles: Freestyle/Urban/Aggressive
  • Sold individually

Undercover has been the leader in the aggressive wheel market for several years. Arguably the best PU compound available paired with a great team of world-class bladers as well as creative and colourful designs.

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