Rollout wheels are made from the freshest ingredients produced in Southern California. Ninja cut at 59mm x 38mm (LOW), these wheels feature the same  urethane compound as the Zombie Wheel that is only available from Sure-Grip.

Using this latest technology, we have developed the most cutting edge corded wheel on the market giving the skater unsurpassed durability, feel, flex when needed on any surface especially on a sport court.

Product list:
Steam Roll – Purple – 89A: Recommended for polished concrete and other slippery surfaces.

Pack Roll – Teal – 92A: Ideal for coated surfaces and sports courts.

Jammer Roll – Red – 95A: Hard and fast for sticky surfaces.

Dragon Roll – Green – 98A: Extra firm feel for coated floors, tracks, and soft skate courts.

Available in 4 Packs