Sure-Grip Tool – Bearing Press

Extreme Skates is a proud stockist of the Sure-Grip Tool – Bearing Press. An ergonomic durable bearing press made to replace bearings with ease. The press features a ram to perfectly align bearings into your wheels you’ll wonder how you lived without one. On the opposing side is a pin to remove the bearings, both activated by the same handle! No more struggling on the side of your axles.

founded in 1936 by John Wintz Sure-Grip International was first known for its rubber inlay wheel. The wheels were manufactured from gear fiber called phenolic. This gave the wheels long wear and the rubber inlays gave them grip. It basically revolutionized the skating industry by replacing the often slippery wooden wheels. Therefore, SURE-GRIP became an appropriate name for the company and the wheel as it literally gave the user a “Sure Grip.” The wheels were so successful that it gave the company its introduction into an industry in which it would later prove to become an innovative leader.


  • Ergonomic Design
  • Ram and pin for easy bearing alignment and insertion
  • Pin/Hook to remove bearings from wheels safely
  • Durable Construction


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