Spitfire Wheels – Formula 4 Venom Radial Slim 99D 53mm

Are you looking to reach your top speed? The Spitfire Radial Slim has a thinner, lighter, hand cut edge offering more control and speed than ever before. Also, an ultra responsive slide for when you really need to hit the skids. Paired with Spitfire’s special Formula Four Urethane, an abrasion resistant construction, this is a wheel that never slows its roll. Skate harder, faster and for longer with the Venom Radial Slim, an exceptionally durable wheel built for speed.


  • Duro (hardness): 99D
  • Wheel size: 53mm (30.5mm width & 19mm riding surface)
  • Wheel colour: Natural
  • Formula Four 100% Urethane

While you’re at it why not upgrade your ride with some fresh bearings.

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