Spitfire Wheels – Formula 4 Lock-Ins 99D 52mm

Looking for the sweet spot between speed and control? Spitfire Lock-Ins have a unique asymmetrical design, with a conical cut profile opposite a straight edge side. As a result the Spitfire Lock-Ins offer extra capacity to better lock in your wheels and trucks when grinding. Couple this with Spitfire’s abrasion resistant urethane construction and you’ve got a wheel to be reckoned with. What’s more, they have a combination of High Rebound and Hard Duro meaning you can skate harder and faster for longer.


  • Duro (hardness): 99D
  • Wheel size: 52mm (32mm width & 20mm riding surface)
  • Wheel colour: Natural
  • Formula Four 100% Urethane

Why not deck out your board with some custom hardware.

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