Spitfire Wheel – Formula 4 99D Classic 53MM

Spitfire Wheel – Formula 4 99D Classic 53MM – Thinner, lighter hand cut round edge design with wider riding surface for more control, speed and ultra responsive slide.

Skateboard with confidence on these Spitfire formula 4 99D Classic  wheels. spitfire classic wheels is the #1 Shape in skateboarding worldwide – proven for speed and control. Spitfire formula 4 wheels are  known for the unmatched abrasion resistance equals fewer flat spots Smooth anti-stick slide – more controllable grip – lasting speed, giving the skater  perfect performance with the 100% True Performance Urethane.

These are just a few of the reviews

  • These wheels are so slick and rideable. Before I used to be afraid of speed wobbles but with the control and speed these wheels have i bomb down hills. Thank you spitfire. Danny Fernandez
  • Having ridden formula 4’s for the past year and testing them at every stage, I can comfortably say these wheels will outlast anything out there and are the best feeling urethane,period. Ride the fire!
  • A while back you guys sent me a couple of sets of the prototype models and they were awesome best ones I’ve rode from you guys! I’m really digging the tablet shape! Andre Davis
  • Formula 4’s are sick! These things are like having a 4X4 on these raggedy ass streets! Gabe Soto
  • Thanks to Shane at Bill’s Wheels for the recommendation. These wheels are amazing — fast and smooth ride that slides when you need it, and sticks when you need it. Sorry OJ…I’m off the juice for good. Tim Poneil
  • The Best Riding/sliding/longest lasting wheel i have skated in 20+years.THANK YOU!!! JP, Sunday
  • They slide when you need to slide and grip when you need grip. These wheels can handle anything you throw at them. Been ridding them strong for about 2 months now. Only wheels I will be riding from now on. Great work boys. Kline, Hazard
  • Seeing as that I’m transitioning into my “old-man” phase of skateboarding- more tranny, less flip tricks, the 99’s in the new Formula Four Spitfires are perfect for gripping the ground at the Bethlehem Skateplaza and the small mini-ramps I spend most of my time skating now. They feel good cruising through the streets too. . . when I skate to a restaurant to Instagram some food pics. #STEADYEATINGCREW Andy, Homebase
  • Formula Four…. Fast and Smooth, tight through the corners but break loose when needed. A step above. Stormy, Ambush Board Co.
  • Spitfire’s new Formula Four Wheels’ are the standard that all other wheels should be held to. The Formula Four’s skate great, feel amazing and are built to last. Ray Porreca, Fairman’s

Manufacturer: SPITFIRE

Unit Of Measure: ea

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