Smoke Beer Deck – Logo 8.5″

Skate in style with this Smoke Beer deck. This deck is made from Canadian maple and is suited to all types of skate boarding.

Marcello Guardigli or better known as Nello moved out from Italy to Australia years ago and qucikly became a part of the Melbourne Skate scene.  Nello has filmed, edited, taken photos, built and most recently become a company owner after starting Smoke Beer (@smokebeerskateboards).  Nello and the crew got their hands dirty again recently and we were lucky enough to be invited to the opening of Bluestone 2.0 and the latest Smoke Beer launch. While we were there we caught up with Nello to talk all things DIY and Smoke Beer. Smoke Beer is a skateboard company based in Melbourne, Australia. Riders: Josh Kotlega, Nick Bright, Alessandro Cesana, Jason Nicolaou, Cameron Markin, Jacob Martin, Jackson Bogaert
This professional quality Smoke Beer skateboard is ideal for all skill levels.


width: 8.5″
Construction: Canadian Maple
Predrilled Holes for easy skate truck assembly

Your new deck comes with free grip.Please leave a note in the check out box if you want us to grip your deck for you.

More about Smoke Beer Skateboards

“So Nello, you have been doing Smoke Beer for a while now, what made you start your own company? ”

We have been doing Smoke Beer for 2 years now. I’m saying we because in the beginning there was also Josh Kotlega, Ale Cesana and Bretty involved in the project. It was my idea of course, who else would think to open a skateboard company these days? Honestly opening a skateboard company wasn’t one of my priorities. But due to the current situation in the skateboarding community I realised that there are a lot of good skateboarders out there who deserve more consideration, motivation and support. It’s a lot of hard work, but there is a lot of satisfaction too. Especially when people appreciate what you are doing for skateboarding and when you see skaters you’ve never met before riding one of your decks.

Who is on the Smoke Beer Crew and whom should we be looking out for?

You said the right word, Crew. We are not a team as yet. We are a bunch of tight friends who have fun, inspire other people and don’t care about what’s cool and what’s not. There are too many to name but Ale, Bretty and some locals from Newport are part of the crew. Nick Bright is an amazing skater and all round good bloke. Probably one of the most underrated AU/NZ guys, He can skate absolutely anything. Since we started Smoke Beer Josh has stepped up a lot and his progression is out of control. Cam Markin is also a bloody legend, very talented and a super motivated person. We have two new entries from interstate. Jackson Bogaerts who’s a bowl destroyer from Newcastle and Shem Bragg super stylish guy from Ballina.

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