Smith Knee Pads – Junior Pro Purple

The Junior Pro Smith Knee Pads are built with the young skater in mind! Featuring triple layered, removable comfort foam pads, which means great protection for growing knees and washable ease. Additionally, butterfly closure straps make it so easy to strap these pads on or off, so no more shoes removal. Simply open them up and strap them on. The high grade elastic top and bottom straps are adjustable for the ideal fit and secure the pad so there’s no movement or slippage.  Also, the abrasion resistant material and removable cap makes sure that if they do wear out they can be easily replaced, so there’s no need to buy a new set of pads once a cap is worn down.

Shrunken version of adult sized knee, they fit just right with the little one in mind.  Great length and width so they don’t move and fit snug on little knees.


– Triple layer foam
–Removable foam pads
–Butterfly Closure straps
–High grade elastic top and bottom strap
–Abrasion resistant material
–Removable cap


To ensure a perfect knee pad fit, measure circumference of extended knee and match to the sizes listed below:

Small/Medium: 7 – 10 in (17 – 25 cm) ages 4-6
Large/Xlarge: 10 – 13 in (25 – 33 cm) ages 7-11

Extreme Skates recommends staying safe while you have fun. Check out our helmets to protect those growing minds