Slave Skateboards – Goemann silver lining 8.25″

The Slave Skateboards Goemann silver lining is a gritty graphic deck. Named for Jon Goemann, one of the Slave skate crew. The 8.25″ deck features a metallic silver finish and urban design – a touch tone phone bible. Constructed from durable 7 ply maple, this deck is made to withstand the most brutal riding conditions.

Founded in 2007 by Ben Horton, Slave Skateboards have quickly become a top seller. Currently operating under the Black Box distribution label. Slave offer a range of high performance skateboarding gear. They have everything you need for skateboarding, so get ready to dive deep into the Slave lifestyle. Designed for hard riding, Slave skateboard decks are perfect for all skaters, both beginners and pros.

Like all our decks, the Slave Goemann silver lining comes with free griptape

Check out trucks and wheels to suit and stay safe out there.

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