Sector 9 Wheels – Nineball 65mm 78a

Whether cruising or carving, the Sector 9 Nineball wheels will stick the landing. Made using Sector 9’s popular Top Shelf urethane, they offer awesome speed and grip. A larger diameter and generous contact patch make for a fast roll with predictable performance. Also, the smooth finish wears in over time for excellent slides and laying down thane. A rounded lip and centre set core takes the edge off rougher surfaces and allows for rotating your setup for even wear.

Sector 9 Wheels Features:

  • Diameter: 65mm
  • Durometer: 78a
  • Contact Patch: 38mm
  • Core: Centre-set
  • Surface: Natural Finish / Smooth
  • Wheel Edge: Round Lip
  • Formula: Top Shelf Urethane
  • Colour: Orange
  • Style: Downhill / Cruising
  • Sold In Sets of 4

About Sector 9

Sector 9 were founded in 1993 by Steve Lake, Dave Klimkiewicz, Dennis Telfer, and Tal O’Farrell. They specialise in longboards, slide wheels, and long time cruising. Their “Top Shelf” urethane formula is skated by pro’s and recognised around the world. What began in a Californian backyard has become one of the world’s top longboarding brands.

Extreme Skates wants you to have fun but recommends safety – Always wear protection!

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