Santa Cruz Wheels – Slime Balls 60mm 78a Black

The Santa Cruz Wheels – Slime Balls 60mm 78a will make the perfect addition to any cruiser or old school set up. That’s correct, Slime Balls are back! Santa Cruz found the original mold, the urethane formula, the graphic, the logo and the trademark. As a result you can ride the wheels you rode back then or experience what it was like!

With a generous 60mm size, these wheels are perfect for cruisers and longboards. Additionally, the 78a duro is soft and grippy, perfect for riding rough surfaces.

Santa Cruz Wheels Features:

  • Diameter: 60mm
  • Width: 40.4mm
  • Contact Area: 30.1mm
  • Duro: 78a – Soft and Grippy
  • Sold In Sets of 4

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