Revele Body Armour – Revelia

Revelia Body Armour – Revelia the new effective lightweight soft chest protection in an ultra-soft material which incorporates the bets soft shock absorption technology to protect your upper body from hard impacts by absorbing up to 90% of impact. This technology has been designed to  reduce the risks of potential damage to your bust and Cooper’s ligaments.

The Revel Body Armour  – Revelia has taken into account the important role comfort plays when wearing chest protection and the seamless design makes sure comfort is achieved making it the most wearable female chest armour on the market.This what Shan Jambi stanton has to say about her Revele Body Armour


Did you know about the Cooper’s ligaments in the female breast?
Female athletes in contact sports are exposed to multiple impacts, sometimes at high velocity, and can suffer from bust pain and premature sagging of the breasts. The Cooper’s ligaments are the sole supporting structures maintaining the breasts. These fragile structures are vulnerable to impact, tearing and destruction: all damage is irreversible with no existing medical answer other than prevention.

Révèle worked for several months on a study with The Breast Health Institute of Portsmouth University, UK revolving around the damage caused by impact to the fragile ligaments and designed a contact wear top specifically to tackle this issue.


Our protection technology : XRD® Extreme Impact Protection while soft and flexible, is able to withstand the strongest of impacts. Today, this material – known for it’s light, thin, and breathable qualities – holds a reputation for best performance in nearly 90% energy absorption during impact. Today it’s principally used for, extreme sports and motorcyclists. Essentially, XRD® Material gets its softness when at rest. When stressed at a high rate or impacted quickly, the material firms to form a comfortable protective shell that shields the body from impact.


polyamide, elastane, lycra, recycled polyamide, sillicone bands, bi-elastic fabric, microban, antimicrobial material, polyurethane.

Product info : designed in Paris, made in Italy and Portugal

How to Look After : Wash it cold (preferably by hand). DO NOT put in the dryer 🚫. And like any other sporting gear, wash after training or a match ! You’ll see, it dries super fast !