RDS – Cruze XR9 Roller Skates – White




RDS – Cruze XR9 Rollerskates – White

RDS  Cruze XR9 Rollerskates – White, are a freestyle skate designed in the classic  stylish white boot  in vegan friendly composite material with felt lining.

The RDS Cruiz boot will provide support to the ankle area and a soft comfortable internal fit.

RDS have made sure your skates are unique and pretty at the same time providing you with these pretty blue wheels and matching adjustable toe  stop.

We know it isn’t just about the look,  but also about performance so that skating is fun not hard work the wheels on this skates will give you hours of smooth rolling and fun too!!

Because the Cruze rollerkskate is kitted with high grade quality components it will perform to the skaters ability because it allows you to turn and maneuver with expertise and ease!


The plate in the RDS Crux XR9 is modern and lightweight made from aluminium which is strong and stable delivering a fun secure skate every time.

Other features included in this package are the adjustable toe stops allowing the skater to set the toe stops at their preferred height.

The wheels are 60mm high and 32mm wide made from high quality polyurethane, designed so that they are suitable for outdoor and rink skating.

The bearings included in this package are  silver 5 speed bearings   which means less push more roll so you have positive skating experience.

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Extreme Skates recommends having fun but we encourage safety – Always wear protection – Check out our helmets & pads.

and always know your skill level and always know the environment you will be skating in!


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