Powerslide Roller Blades – Swell Trinity 125mm Dark Lava Inline Skates


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Powerslide Roller Blades – Swell Trinity 125mm Black Inline Skates


The Powerslide Roller Blades – Swell Trinity 125mm Dark Lava Inline Skates are a perfect balance of simplicity and sophistication and Extreme Skates is the best place to get them. They come with Trinity mounting for a better power transfer with more stability. In addition to this, they possess a lightweight welded upper and a reworked softboot shell. It also comes with Recall fit memory foam to provide superior comfort and support. Long lasting 125mm wheels, fast Wicked Abec 9 bearings and a height adjustable brake are also stock features. Overall, these are one of the greatest Triskates ever made.


3-wheel skates combine dynamic rolling, agility and skating pleasure like no other skate as they are lighter, faster and lower. The different look and feel of 3-wheel skates breathes new excitement into inline skating. Skaters from different disciplines such as fitness, speed or even free-skating can enjoy the many advantages of rolling on 3 big wheels.

The bigger the wheels get, the more important the control and support over your skates. TRINITY puts skating to a new level. Skates featuring the TRINITY 3-point mounting outperform the standard mounting by far. TRINITY skates have the lowest possible centre of gravity. As a result, this makes them easier to control and more reactive. Overall, you are also faster and more agile thanks to the better power transfer.


All the Powerslide SWELL series 2 skates include a redesigned shell with flex cuts. This is a unique technology developed by Powerslide to maximize the comfort without compromising the performance. The new shell adapts itself to the shape of your ankle resulting in a more pleasant fit. This is noteworthy as it enables flexing where you need it to and still provides the same support and performance you would expect from Swell. On top of this, they are designed to maintain that pleasant fit regardless if you skate for a only few minutes or for hours.


The next generation of Powerslide cuffs are sleek and light but also very supportive. They provide solid lateral support and the right amount of front and forward flex. The cuffs are made out of a special nylon composite with added fiberglass. As a result, the skates meet the requirements of stiffness and repeated flex necessary for intense fitness skating. The asymmetrical design of the cuff paired with the v-cut shape in the back works as the perfect extension of the shell. It also adds further strength to the construction. Furthermore, included is a probed top buckle. This mechanism provides a trustful and effective fast lock buckle with a new female buckle receptor that adjusts perfectly.


Powerslide is the first company integrating a Power-knitted textile into an inline skate. This ultra light and breathable high performance material reduces weight and adapts to different foot shapes. This has the effect of wrapping the boot seamlessly around your foot like a flexible second skin. The strong waxed and flat laces are connected to metal eyelets and wires crossing the power-knit upper to transfer all the pulling power. Consequently, keeping your foot locked in the right place without any pressure points. Furthermore, thanks to the integrated 45º powerstrap, the ever-so common heel-lifting problem is resolved resulting in a perfect power transfer and an advanced skate feeling.

LINING :Just the right amount of padding, right where you want it

All the Powerslide SWELL Series 2 skates feel great from the very first moment you put them on thanks to the new RECALL fit. This is a 3-D anatomically shaped padding made out of a special memory foam. As a result, these skates offer the same great comfort and performance day after day. The ankle padding for Swell skates was designed with comfort as the main objective. They can endure short intense trainings but also to allow you to wear your skates for a longer period of time. Resulting in skates will give you that extra boost when you need it the most whilst providing a painless and comfortable fit.

FRAME: PS Trinity 3×125, gravity casted AL

Trinity, the new patented 3-point mounting system is specially designed to take 3 wheel skates to the next level of performance. The three points of fixation with asymmetrical wings in the front puts incredible power under your feet. The frames are made of 6063 T6-heat-treated aircraft aluminium. The unique shape of the frame wraps each wheel adding more stability and stiffness to the overall construction. This results in unmatched power transfer and performance.

WHEEL :Undercover 125, 86A

Undercover by Matter wheels are not only faster but also provide maximum rebound, grip and power transfer and yet, they offer unprecedented durability.

BRAKE : HABS – height adjustable brake system

The braking surface has a bigger contact area for a more controlled braking action and a shorter stopping distance. The height adjustment function is perfect to find the preferred personal braking position.

Bearing : Wicked ABEC 9



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