Powerdyne Magic Cushions

Powerdyne Magic Cushions are unique due to the Power Assist formula which provide the performance skaters are looking for from a cushion. These powerdyne cushions are made from high quality urethane which are designed to retain energy and let it go when the skater needs it most. The function of a cushion which is also known as a bushing, do the same job as the shock absorber in cars do. In other words they act bas the buffer between the road and your feet soaking up the rough surfaces keeping you connected with your skates. The also do all the work for your knees and ankles, making the turning and responsivity of your skate perform allowing you to skate to your maximum potential.

Cushions come in different hardnesses and shapes and colours. See the cushion diagram to choose the hardness for your needs.  The different shapes are known as barrel and cones.

Barrells  also referred to as the stability cushion usually will go closest to the boot, and the cone shape also known as the agility cushion will go road side.

Powerdyne Universal Magic Cushions fit a variety of common plates in the powerdyne range of plates including the Thrust, Rival and these cushions will also fit PowerDyne Revenge and Rival plates but the Revenge and Rival have slightly larger diameter kingpins than the Thrust, Triton, and DynaPro and require different cushion cups.

Hardness: Soft, Medium, Hard, XHard

Please note: This cushion (or bushing) set will not fit every plate. Please contact us if you’re unsure.



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