Nana Complete – Tropical Death 38″

Classical Nana Prowler shape on this Nana Complete – Tropical Death 38″ crusier longboard. Simple but timeless, the Tropical Death has a nice natural flex, comfortable clear grip letting the wood grain show through. Pintail with a small kick for easy maneuvers.


  • Shape: Prowler
  • Size: 38″ length
  • Trucks: reverse kingpin
  • Wheels: Nana’s Ultra Smooth Black Beauty

About Nana Skateboards

Born from the golden days when skateboarding entered Australia with a plastic board hitting the streets made out of an old fiberglass water ski and a pair of old roller skate trucks.

Decades later with the resurgence of plastic boards, a few fun-loving Aussie skaters on the Sunshine Coast got together to bring back the banana board, that is when NANA Skateboards was established.

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