Moxi Wheels – Fundae Creme-de-Menthe Hybrid 57mm

Moxi Fundae Creme-de-Menthe wheels are poured for the streets and shaped for the skate park!

Fast and resilient, the Fundae formula keeps on rolling whether it’s hitting a ramp or simply skating the street. Featuring a smooth blend of urethane, which means they hold their shape when transitioning skate park floors. 57 mm in diameter and 34mm wide, the wheel shape is narrow enough to safely pivot but also carved to avoid getting caught up on the coping. Moxi Fundae wheels are recommended for gaining speed on the streets or nailing those slick park surfaces.

A unique hybrid wheel merging street and park, Fundae wheels aim for the sweet spot between hard and soft. So, there’s no more stopping to change wheels when moving between surfaces. Because they’re built for days of nonstop skating, Moxi Fundae wheels let you do what you love, stay skating for longer!

*All our wheels are sold in packs of 4.

Moxi Wheels Features:

  • Duro (hardness): 92A High Rebound MDI
  • Wheel size: 57mm x 34mm
  • Wheel colour: Creme-de-Menthe (Jade)
  • Moxi Fundae formula urethane
  • Sold in packs of 4

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