Micro Scooter – Speed+ Special Edition

The special edition Micro Speed+ Scooter is a great every day ride. Because of the larger 145mm wheels, it provides a smooth and totally unique ride. This is thanks to the dense polyurethane mixture and unique shock absorbing hubs that glide across rougher surfaces. So, lumps and bumps in the pavement are lessened. The lower deck makes for a more comfortable ride by eliminating the need to lean when kicking. Additionally, the Micro Cruiser can be folded up for an easy carry or packing away in a hurry.

Micro Scooter Features:

  • Shock Absorbing System
  • Easy Folding Action
  • Kickstand
  • Extra polyurethane for a smoother ride
  • Weight: 4.2kg
  • Wheel Size: 145mm
  • Handlebar Height: 66-98cm – Adjustable
  • Deck:
    • Length: 42cm
    • Width: 12cm
    • Foot Area: 34cm
    • Clearance: 3cm
  • Age Range: 7 – Adult
  • Max Load: 100kg
  • Colour: Silver / White

About Micro Scooters

Since 2007 Micro have been providing Australia with their range of quality rides. One of the biggest brands in the business, Micro use Swiss design and engineering for a premium experience. They stock scooters for everyone, young and old alike, with quality and longevity that makes riding fun.

Extreme Skates wants you to have fun but recommends safety – Always wear protection!

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