Kizer Trimax Frame 3×110 Black

The Kizer Trimax frame is perfect for transforming your aggressive skate into a modern Triskate. This is a great way to start triskating with a boot you’re comfortable with.With rocker able frame spacers, it’s able to mount 100mm or 110mm wheels. Trimax is the fastest and most agile 3-wheel solution for aggressive skates. Thanks to the UFS system, it’s compatible with all UFS skates. A 3-wheel setup is great for maximising speed and power transfer. The Trimax frame is short, which greatly increases manoeuvrability. Also, the middle wheel is just below the centre of gravity, so sharp turns or freeride becomes much easier.

Kizer Frame Features:

  • 3-Wheel Frame
  • Compatible Wheel Size: 110mm / 100mm
  • Mount: UFS Compatible
  • Includes:
    • Frame Spacers (8mm)
    • Wheel Spacers (8mm)
    • Bolts (8mm)
  • Sold in pairs

Kizer make a range of frames for aggressive and powerblading inline skates. Always pushing their technology, they offer some of the best frames for freestyle, flat, and Anti-Rocker setups. Their frames are designed to withstand the pressure, power, and impact of aggressive skating.

Extreme Skates wants you to have fun but recommends safety – Always wear protection!

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