>>>>Juice Wheels – Alpha Goblin Firm (4pk)

Juice Wheels – Alpha Goblin Firm (4pk)


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Finally a refreshing innovation in wheels, developed specifically for Derby at all levels of play. A collaborative partnership between the premier wheel manufacturer and players, the new technology delivers grip when you need grip, roll when you need roll and energy when you need it most.

Playing Derby on new Juice Wheels is different than planing on the old style speed wheel technology. Juice Wheels are not for everyone, only Derby players like you who want more grip when you turn, more roll during the jam, and less wasted energy to outlast your opponent.
Quantity     4-Pack
Diameter     59mm – 62mm
Width     38mm
Durometer     Firm
Color     Green
Material     Patented Urethane
Core     Power-Edge Band
Grip     100%
Roll     80%
Performance     100%

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