Jet Deck – Vulcan Rocker 37.5″ – Radar Series

The Vulcan Rocker deck from the Jet Radar Series will give you the natural geometry of your trucks rather than angling up your setup like most rocker boards. The Vulcan Rocker 37.5″ also features a ton of concave to make sure you stay attached to your board, even when shredding sideways. So the Jet Vulcan Rocker takes the classic Vulcan you’ve loved, and makes it more comfortable than ever. With a generous 10″ width, it offers plenty of foot room when nailing those downhill lines or just cruising through town.

Jet Deck Features:

  • Length: 37.5″
  • Width: 10.0″
  • Wheel Base: 26.0″ – 30.4″
  • Construction: 9-ply Maple

Radar Series – Rockers are also available in 35.5″, 36.5″ in differing graphics.

About Jet Skateboards

Jet Skateboards are all about range. They provide options to suit the needs of all skateboarders beginners to pro’s. With a range of longboards, skateboards and hybrids like nothing else. Development is where they strive, they constantly want to improve the products they provide without increasing the price!

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