Jet Deck – Afterbang 34.3″

Extreme Skates is proud to stock the Jet Deck – Afterbang 34.3″. The Skatera features the same micro drops/ kick tail / concave and wheelbase as many of the the Jet Boards. A great single kicker street carver that has some super funky retro designing. The deck has a nice micro drop that moulds the feet in a cradle just like mum used to cradle you. 100% maple construction that will take anything a skater can give plus more. Never under estimate a skater with a Jet Afterbang they will kick your ass in more ways than one. The Afterbang is a serious skateboard for serious skaters

Jet Deck Features:

  • Length: 34.3″
  • Width: 9.6”
  • Wheel Base: 22.0“-23.5”
  • Kicktail
  • 1/4″ Drop
  • Fender Flairs

About Jet Skateboards

Jet Skateboards are all about range. They provide options to suit the needs of all skateboarders beginners to pro’s. With a range of longboards, skateboards and hybrids like nothing else. Development is where they strive, they constantly want to improve the products they provide without increasing the price!

Extreme Skates is all about fun however we highly recommend you check out our Protective Gear

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