Fresh meat pack is a rollerderby pack with everything you need to start roller derby!. When looking for a roller derby fresh meat pack it is important to note that there is a chance not all the components will fit you correctly. What we like to do at Extreme Skates is work with you to deliver the best pack to suit your individual needs. As people have different shaped feet and bodies so too we have the speciality to fit each individual skater with the pack that best suits the individual’s, foot, body shape and head shape too.

Its a good idea to look at the amount of money you wish to invest in your derby equipment then contact us to discuss how we can best help you.

101 tips on Fresh Meat Packs!

Skates: Suregrip GT-50 Indoor (wide fit boot)
– Rebel Leather Boot
– Suregrip Probe Nylon Plate
– Fugitive Wheels, QUBE Juice Bearings
– Carrera Speed Toe-Stop

Sizing: Insole Length
04 : 234mm | 05 : 242mm | 06 : 250mm
07 : 259mm | 08 : 266mm | 09 : 274mm
10 : 283mm | 11 : 292mm | 12 : 305mm
13 : 307mm |

Helmet: Triple 8 Certified Brainsaver
– Streamlined look on the classic Brainsaver shape
– EPS liner complies with Australian AS/NZS & U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bike for ages 5+
– ASTM F-1492-08 Safety Standards for skateboarding and trick roller skating certified
– ABS Outer Shell with EPS liner
– Complete with Triple 8 Pads for added comfort

Sizing: Head Circumference
XS/S: 48–54cm | S/M: 55–58cm L/XL: 59–61cm
Protective Gear: Triple 8 Park 2pack
– Heavy duty EVA memory foam
– High–density, impact-resistant cap securely attached with reinforced rivets
– Kneepad has neoprene butterfly closure & Elbowpad has a comfortable and cool Lycra® sleeve
– Top elastic and bottom webbed adjustable straps
– Flat cap design for longevity and stability

Sizing: Knee Circumference (at kneecap)
Small: 32 – 36cm | Medium:
36 – 40cm
Large: 40 – 44cm | XLarge: 44 – 50cm
Sizing: Elbow Circumference (at elbow joint)
Small: 15.2 – 20.3cm | Medium: 20.3 – 25.4cm

Large: 25.4 – 30.5cm | XLarge: 30.5 – 35.6cm

Sizing: Hand circumference at the knuckles
XSmall: 17.8cm – 19.0cm | Small: 19.0cm – 20.3cm
Medium: 20.3cm – 22.8cm| Large: 22.8cm – 25.3cm

Mouthguard: Add Sisu 1.6mm Aero Guard (leave colour choice in checkout comments)
Toestops: Upgrade to Gumball non marking toe stops