Folklore Deck – Fibre Tech 8.75″

A special press method makes the Folklore Deck – Fibre Tech 8.75″ ultra durable.

Folklore’s Fibre Tech deck makes use of the best lamination processes available. Because of this they provide plenty of pop and just the right amount of flex. Also, they’re durable and hard wearing because of a specially fused carbon fibre top layer. So it has added strength, stability and retains elasticity. Creating a board that is stiffer, stronger, with more pop for longer. One step above a regular board, the combination of classic Canadian maple board with their next level construction makes the Fibre Tech deck a stand out. An 8.75″ width is a great size for skaters with a wide stance or those who like more room to move. Additionally, it features a steep concave and symmetrical kicks. So it’s perfect for tricks.

Folklore Skateboards Features:

  • Width: 8.75
  • Concave: Steep
  • Kicks: Symmetrical
  • Construction: 7-ply Maple & Carbon Fibre Top Sheet
  • Available with FREE Grip.
  • –Colour stain may vary–

This deck is available as part of our build your own skateboard deal.

Folklore Skateboards is an Australian brand formed in 1997. They’ve spent years focussing on quality skateboard decks that skate longer for less. Experimenting with materials and lamination methods, they get the absolute most out of the wood. Some of these developments include temperature-controlled lamination or composite laminates that fine-tune pop and performance.

Extreme Skates wants you to have fun but recommends safety – Always wear protection!

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