TSG Knee Pad – Force V A

The TSG Force V A knee pad is modelled on Jono Schwan’s low profile, hard cap vert pad but offers the enhanced protection and comfort of an extra layer of Art-lage Foam. Like the Force V an anti shift silicone printed liner and two adjustable neoprene butterfly straps provide pro level fit and security, while the extra layer of foam give the pad added form fitting comfort and protection from bails. Bring on the vert!

TSG Knee Pad Features:

  • Cordura Material Construction
  • Reinforced Stress Points
  • Horseshoe Shape
  • Anti-Shift Silicon Print
  • Neoprene Butterfly Straps
  • Top Velcro 360° Strap
  • Adjustable Bottom Velcro Strap with Snap Buckle
  • Comfortable Lining
  • Replaceable PE Caps

PROTECTION: Hardshell construction, Art-Lage foam, Multi layer foam on and around knee, replaceable PE knee cap, EN 14120 CE certified.

COMFORT: Pre shaped design, strong Cordura fabric, reinforced at critical stress points, Horseshoe shape, enlarged coverage, anti shift silicon print, neoprene butterfly straps, top velcro 360 degree strap, adjustable bottom velcro strap with snap buckle, comfortable lining, open back design.

Extreme Skates wants you to have fun but recommends safety – Always wear protection!

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