>>>Theeve Trucks – TiAX Raw 5.25″

Theeve Trucks – TiAX Raw 5.25″


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Theeve Trucks – TiAX Raw 5.25″ (139)

An excellent addition to any skateboard from Theeve Trucks. The TiAX was the first 6/4 titanium axle truck to hit the market. The current V3 is as light and more durable than ever before. The TiAX features all of the good stuff technology-wise, Theeve True Turn Geometry included. We present to you the original 6/4 titanium axle truck.

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Suitable for decks 8.0″-8.25″

Classic cast hanger and baseplate

Non-slip 6/4 titanium axle

Grade 8 steel kingpins

Hardcore bushings 55mm high to center of axle


There is a large range of decks, wheels bearings http://www.extremeskates.com.au/skateboards


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