Riedell Wicked Skate: 265

Riedell Skates – Wicked 265,roller skate is designed to give you a high color fitting skate with an open toe box to maximum comfort in lacing. This boot is made from leather on the outside and the on the inside of the boot you will find it is full grain leather in around the heel and down to half way the front of the boot the remaining is made from a product called Dri-Lex lining. It also has a Heat moldable outside qurter to hel lock the heel in. The Velcro cinch strap across the from of the boot helps keep your foot securely into the boot . The rubber out sole sole on this boot is cement bonded and stitched providing a secure attachment to avoid separation from the sole. These boots come in two lasts a B/AA Narrow fitting boot D/B wider fitting foot and heel. It is important to determine which sizing is best for your whole foot. Please call us to discuss how we can help you with choosing the correct fit on 1330 318 011.

Extreme skates staff are industry trained by the manufacturers to understand the importance of fitting the  whole fit for a roller skate. It is important to take into consideration that people’s feet are unique and one shape or style does not suit everyone just like a hat not one hat fits everyone well. Making compromises with your roller skate boot is not recommended as it will effect the performance and will not allow you as a skater to skate to your maximum potential if your feet hurt, or move inside the boot. Getting a boot that that is longer than your foot to accommodate the width will create movement  and probably cause heel lift, placing a thick inner sole to create the snug fit required also will most likely create heel lift as the padding in the heel lifts the heel up out of the heel cup creating an insecure fit causing most skaters to grip with their toes.

The riedell 265 boot is a really comfortable boot the leather becomes soft and it feels like a super soft glove on your foot, we recommend this boot those skaters who appreciate quality and value for money.

The all-new PowerDyne Rival plate attaches to the Model 265 in the Wicked, adding excellent response from the rigid extruded aluminum and high rebound urethane cushions.

All of that response and precision doesn’t mean anything if you can’t put it down on the track, which is why we have selected the all-new Radar Bullet a wheel developed and tested specifically for roller derby by top derby athletes, as the wheel for the Wicked

Fitting: Choose B/AA for a slim foot and D/B for an average to wide foot
Sizing: Insole Length

03 : 216mm  |  03.5 : 220mm  |
04 : 225mm  |  04.5 : 229mm  |
05 : 233mm  |  05.5 : 238mm  |
06 : 241mm  |  06.5 : 246mm  |
07 : 251mm  |  07.5 : 255mm  |
08 : 259mm  |  08.5 : 263mm  |
09 : 267mm  |  09.5 : 271mm  |
10 : 276mm  |  10.5 : 279mm  |
11 : 285mm