Riedell Skates – Torch 495

The Riedell Torch 495 skates features one of the most comfortable roller skate boots, with a host of features that make it a near perfect fit for most who try it on. The boot sports hand-sorted full-grain leather uppers and a heat moldable counter ensure a customized and comfortable fit. The interior liner is full-grain Chinook leather and has a hand-rolled ankle collar to help prevent pressure points around the Achilles. The shearling tongue adds cushion and delivers plush comfort. The innovative Ankle Closure System secures and cinches your heel in place with lace loops rather than a Velcro strap. The Model 495 is available in two widths; D/B (Gamma) for a medium to wider foot and B/AA (Delta) for a more narrow foot.

Riedell Skates Features:

  • Boot: Riedell 495
  • Plate: Powerdyne Revenge Aluminium Plate
  • Wheels: Radar Bullet
  • Bea