Riedell Skates – Blue Streak Sports Plus

The Riedell Blue Streak Sports skates were created for maximum comfort and support. With a high built in inner counter providing the support needed when skating. The Tongue is lined with fleece so that you don’t get lace pressure  from having the laces too tightly also has the non-slip feature in the tongue. The Nylon snug tie is an extremely effective heel locking lace design locking your heel in place giving you the feeling of being snug in your boot. Also the the trademarked EVA foam in the midsole is there to provide shock absorbtions and cushioning. Also another feature this boot has is the facility to heatmould the boot in our specialty boot oven, this means we can get it too custom shape the contour of your foot.

Riedell Skates Features:

  • Boot: Riedell Blue Streak
    • Kango-Tan leather quarters & tongue
    • Full-grain leather lining
    • 2-slit “Fox” tongue with U-shaped top design
    • Genuine Shearling tongue liner with foam backing
    • “Finger Loop” leather backstay
    • Durable nylon snug tie
    • High density blue EVA foam midsole
    • Premium white waxed laces
  • Plate: Powerdyne Rival
    • Material: Extruded lightweight 6061 aircraft aluminium
    • High rebound urethane cushions
    • Cold forged adjustable pivot arm trucks
  • Wheels: Radar Villains 59mm/84a hybrid wheels with Shark hubs
    • Diameter: 59mm
    • Width: 38mm
    • Durometer: 84a Hybrid
    • Hub: Shark
    • Bearings: Kwik Zenith
  • Toe Stop: PowerDyne Moonwalker

Fitting: Choose B/AA for a slim foot and D/B for an average to wide foot
Sizing: Insole Length

03 : 216mm  |  03.5 : 220mm  |
04 : 225mm  |  04.5 : 229mm  |
05 : 233mm  |  05.5 : 238mm  |
06 : 241mm  |  06.5 : 246mm  |
07 : 251mm  |  07.5 : 255mm  |
08 : 259mm  |  08.5 : 263mm  |
09 : 267mm  |  09.5 : 271mm  |
10 : 276mm  |  10.5 : 279mm  |
11 : 285mm  

About Riedell

Based in Red Wing, Minnesota, Riedell has been making roller skate products since 1945. The brand has been at the forefront of the industry for over 70 years! Riedell is a family owned business dedicated to manufacturing skates with the best fit and functionality possible. The brand’s commitment over the years to producing top quality hand crafted products has been incredible and paramount to their success. They’ve managed to turn high quality skates into something that is available for skaters of all levels and ages to enjoy. Not only responsible for skates, Riedell have also gone on to produce and innovate in all other components including Powerdyne Plates, Radar Wheels, and KwiK bearings. Meaning they can cover the needs of every part of skating!

Extreme Skates wants you to have fun but recommends safety – Always wear protection!

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