Riedell Blue Streak Sport Plus.

Extreme Skates is an authorised dealer for Riedell products. We specialise in fitting rollerskate boots and complete rollerskates to suit every form of rollerskating from including rollerderby, the riedell Bluestreak was designed specifically for roller derby by Bonny Thunders who is undoubtedly one of the very best roller derby skaters in  Womens Flat Track Derby  aka WFTDA world wide and skated with Gotham, City Roller Derby League, now skates with Rose city.

The Bluestreak boot was created for maximum comfort and support as it has a high built in inner counter providing the support needed when skating. The Tongue is lined with fleece so that you don’t get lace pressure  from having the laces too tightly also has the non-slip feature in the tongue. The Nylon snug tie is an  extremely effective  heel locking lace  design locking your heel in place giving you the feeling of being snug in your boot. Also the the trademarked EVA foam in the midsole is there to provide shock absorbtions and cushioning. Also another feature this boot has is the facility to heatmould the boot in our specialty boot oven, this means we can get it too custom shape the contour of your foot. Theis boot comes in two lasts, B/AA offering a wider front with a narrow fitting heel offering a tight fit for those with slim heels small heels. The other option if the D/B wich is wider foot across the ball of the foot accommodating a wider front and wider heel fit.


The  Riedell Blue Streak leather used is Kango-tan leather which is a high grade quality leather, it’s game changing leather uppers giving a soft glove like feeling, and also a quicker break in period as the leather molds and softens to the shape of your foot.

The boot is lined with full grain chinookl Leather with people ask me all the time how long it takes to break a boot in, I say the more you skate it the quicker it molds to your feet.

The laces that are part of this package are Riedell Waxed laces, wexed laces  will stay done up elimaniting the need to constantly stopping to re-lace you skate up. Talking of lacing it’s very important to make sure you take the time to lace your boot correctly, have a snug fit so your foot feels encased in the boot and keep the tension even all the way up your boot.

Each Riedell Bluestreak boot is hand made at the Riedell factory in USA ensuring a quality product living up to the reputation riedell have for their high end products.


Boot: Blue Streak – Innovative split quarter pattern, snug-tie back heal, and finger loop on back to help pull on boot. Soft, sheerling tongue. Leather lined too!

Plate: Powerdyne Rival Aluminum – Extruded lightweight 6061 aircraft aluminum with high rebound urethane cushions

Wheels: Radar Bullets – Choose your durometer

Bearings: KwiK Zenith – Pre-spun with high performance oil and friction resistant lightweight delrin retainer

Toe Stop: PowerDyne Moonwalker – Grippy, natural rubber compound and lightweight tear-drop shape

Fitting: Choose B/AA for a slim foot and D/B for an average to wide foot
Sizing: Insole Length

03 : 216mm  |  03.5 : 220mm  |
04 : 225mm  |  04.5 : 229mm  |
05 : 233mm  |  05.5 : 238mm  |
06 : 241mm  |  06.5 : 246mm  |
07 : 251mm  |  07.5 : 255mm  |
08 : 259mm  |  08.5 : 263mm  |
09 : 267mm  |  09.5 : 271mm  |
10 : 276mm  |  10.5 : 279mm  |
11 : 285mm