Years of research and testing went into the creation of the PowerDyne Jupiter, and the result is our best toe stop ever.  Grippy natural rubber and a large, flat surface with signature dimples provide the stability and predictable bite needed for fast stops, quick starts and delicate balance.  To help reduce weight, the signature bell shape and the forged, hollow stem combine to make the Jupiter lighter than other bulky toe stops, allowing the skater to be quicker and more nimble.

Jupiter toe stops are non-marking and are recommended for all surfaces, including wood, sport tile, concrete/cement and outdoor skating surfaces.

Non-marking, grippy natural rubber
Large flat surface with signature dimples for stability and bite
Signature bell shape provides large stopping surface in a lightweight design
Molded safety line indicates when rubber is nearly worn down to the stem
Hollow forged aluminum stem
Great for all surfaces including wood, sport tile, concrete/cement, and outdoor surfaces

Sold in pairs