Powerdyne Cushions – Hop Up Kit

Powerdyne Cushions – Hop Up Kit fits most standard roller skate trucks with added action of conical top cushions (bushings). Recommended for those interested in gaining a larger range of motion over your standard cushions. Package includes 4 high rebound cushions, 4 high rebound conical top cushions, and 8 retainers.

Intended for use with Powerdyne Thrust, Triton, DynaPro, Rival and Revenge plates.


  • Red – Soft 78A
  • Orange – Medium 82A
  • Yellow – Hard 85A
  • Purple – Extra Hard 89A


  • Barrel: 24mm diameter, 14.5mm height
  • Cone: 24mm bottom/19mm top diameter, 14.5mm height

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