Omen – Free Quincy 65mm 79A Wheel

Omen Longboards – Free Wheel Co. – Free Quincy 65mm 79A are the newest wheel formula from Omen. The Platimun Formula is designed for those long slides with minimal resistance and also slow to wear. Unlike other longboard downhill wheels, the Platinum Formula has a slow release urethane, helping you keep them sliding for longer. An elliptical lip combined with bearing locks are catch free even on the roughest bitumen.

Besides coming stone-ground, the Omen – Free Quincy wheel is perfect for younger and beginner riders to be using because of the easy slide characteristics, and flat-spot resistant tendencies allow you to learn to slide easily!


  • Wheel size: 65mm
  • Width: 44mm
  • Hardness: 79A
  • Platinum Formula: stone ground
  • Shape: Elliptical
  • Core: center-set

Topmounts and boards with less wheel clearance will love the Quincy because all of the performance is packed into a smaller size, which will allow you to tune into your setup!

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