The yellow Abec 7 LUXE bearings are best described with one word. Sick. Breaking it down starting from the outside and moving in, the shield is made of sturdy rubber. Easy to

remove for for easy cleaning. The shield is embossed with the rating and our #luxelife meta data tag so you always know where to find us. LUXE bearings use a low viscosity

Anticorit OHK 230 oil, chrome steel balls, nylon bearing retainers, chrome steel 22mm outer races and 8mm inner races. To sum it up, these bearings are fast and reliable.

[Good to know!]  your contact space between the chrome steel balls lessens in a higher grade bearing, your friction decreases, and your skating speed increases.

Comes standard with bearing spacers

Bearing Materials Used

Shield: rubber, with embossed logo

Race: chrome steel

Outer diameter: 22mm

Inner diameter: 8mm

Retainer: nylon

Balls: chrome steel

iPhone 5s CASES

It’s the little details that make our products stand out and this is one of the most popular. All of our bearing cases double as iPhone 5s cases so you’re phone doesn’t get cracked when you ride and looks great!