Jet Deck – Thriller DH 38.3″ – LAST RELEASE

Extreme Skates holding the very last of this Jet Deck – Thriller 38.3″ x 10.0″ board with one left in store.

The Thriller is another great freeride all-rounder deck, wide back kick and snubbed pointed nose. A small micro-drop design gives you that locked in feeling across the entire board. Take on that big ditch or drop some thane down your street, either way you will be happy on this one of kind Thriller.

The Thriller is a new-skool downhill shape with a micro-drop and a kicktail for all-around control in any environment.


  • Length: 38.3″
  • Width: 10.0″
  • Wheel base: 22.75″ – 25.75″
  • Maple plies: 8-ply

We at Extreme Skates are proud to supply an extensive range of Jet Decks, check our online Longboard Decks here