Antik Boot – MG2 Original

Secure and sturdy, the MG2 Original is still one of Antik’s best. With high cut leather uppers for ankle support and a secure fit. Also it has a narrow heel cup and integrated shock absorption. So the foot is locked in and supported by the skate. Dry-lex interior lining stops unwanted moisture build up, keeping the skates fresh for longer. A hard toe box and scuff resistant leather mean the skate is durable and hard wearing, while a rubber foam tongue lining relieves pressure at the top of the foot. The original Antik MG2 boot provides all the comfort and support skaters need for hard bouts of derby.

Antik Boot Features:

  • ¾ high suede uppers for added ankle support, secure fit
  • Standard fiber counters
  • Dry-lex interior lining
  • Integrated shock absorbing heel
  • Hard toe box with scuff resistant leather
  • Narrow heel cup for secure fit
  • Rubber foam tongue lining to relieve pressure points on top of foot
  • Vulcanized rubber sole

Sizing: Insole Length
4.0 : 241mm
4.5 : 247mm
5.0 : 250mm 
6.0 : 258mm 
7.0 : 267mm 
7.5 : 271mm 
8.0 : 275mm
9.0 : 284mm
10.0: 292mm

Extreme Skates wants you to have fun but recommends safety – Always wear protection!

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