Antik Boot – AR1 Red

Hand-made in USA, the Antik Red AR1 Boot is a superior roller skate boot. Crafted by people with years of experience making roller skate boots. The AR1 Antik boot is made from high quality materials using one of the best grade leathers available on the market. A stylish and smart looking boot with elegant finishing touches that highlight this quality product.

Placing your foot into this boot feels like a cloud. The Italian microfibre lining is super soft, combined with the counters and padded ankles your foot is snug as a bug in a rug in the boot. It also comes with a low profile tongue which is fitted with double lace loops, keeping it in place while skating. The red “A” panel is a soft touch of class that adds texture to the overall look of the black full leather boot.

The open lacing system designed in this boot allows lacing to be customised to suit individual foot shapes, avoiding the trapped feeling of a closed box . It also incorporates the back stay tie for heel lock, and according to the creator of this design, it will minimise the potential for heel tendon damage.

Antik Boot Features:

  • High cut, full-grain leather uppers for added ankle support and secure fit.
  • All new ‘Ergo-Form’ last for a more anatomical fit, and to reduce toe pinch
  • All new open toe design for better fit and comfort
  • Italian made ‘Harmony’ microfiber liner for more comfort and breathability
  • Heat moldable counters on both sides of the boot
  • Lace loops at the back of heel for added fit and security
  • Redesigned achilles area
  • Integrated shock absorbing foam heel
  • Contoured heel cup for secure fit and reduced lift
  • Full-grain leather outsole, stitched for durability
  • Redesigned Antik ‘A’ panels
  • 15% lighter than predecessor

Sizing: Insole Length
03 : 215mm  |  03.5 : 220mm  |
04 : 225mm  |  04.5 : 229mm  |
05 : 233mm  |  05.5 : 238mm  |
06 : 241mm  |  06.5 : 246mm  |
07 : 251mm  |  07.5 : 255mm  |
08 : 259mm  |  08.5 : 263mm  |
09 : 267mm  |  09.5 : 271mm  |
10 : 276mm  |  10.5 : 279mm  |
11 : 285mm  |
12 : 292mm  |
13 : 300mm |

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Antik Fitting Guide