Envy Scooter – Prodigy Complete S5 Gold Bandana

The new Envy Prodigy S5 scooter is the ultimate all-round scooter. Perfect for almost any level of riding from beginner right through to semi-pro level.

The Envy Prodigy has been the best-selling scooter for the past three years, and the new 2017 model is destined to continue that trend. With some serious improvements over previous models, the new Envy Prodigy S5 scooter features a new improved deck and has been beefed up with 120mm wheels.


WEIGHT3.8kg (8.37lbs)
OVERALL HEIGHT*810mm (31.88”)
BAR HEIGHT**620mm (24.40”)
BAR WIDTH560mm (22.04”)
DECK LENGTH^500mm (19.68”)
DECK WIDTH120mm (4.72”)
FOOT SPACE^^360mm (14.17”)
  • * Overall height is measured from the ground to the top of the bars.
  • ** Bar height is measured from where the bar sits on the scooter.
  • ^ Deck length is measured from the front of the deck plate to the rear and does not include the distance to the head tube.
  • ^^ Foot space is the space between the neck tube and the brake and is the physical area that you can stand on.

Scooter have become part of the modern urban mobility and are more than just a transportation vehicle. They combine lifestyle and fashion with fun and action. Scooters are used to go to work, to school or to meet with friends. Just get on your scooter and ride on.

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