Element deck – Madars 8.25″

This Madars Apse signature edition skateboard deck features a really fresh graphic that Element has created together with artist Luke Day, whose style is very current and in fashion.

The Madars Day Dreamer deck utilizes the Featherlight construction from Element. This ensures that you get a team-tested deck produced from 100% sustainably sourced American maple. This construction method provides pop and longevity to the deck. They also use water based inks, organic materials for the veneer dye, and last but not least Vegan-friendly glues.


Deck width: 8.25″ (21cm)
Deck length: 32.25″ (81.9cm)
Wheelbase: 14.25″ (36.2cm)
Featherlight – Professional Grade lightweight construction

Comes with free griptape!

Please leave a note in the check out box if you want us to grip your deck for you.

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