Creature Deck – Gravette Tales 8.3″

Creature Deck – Gravette Tales 8.3 is the deck that will take you to where your skating wants to go! Don’t listen to those tall tales of the streets, find out yourself and go skate with the Creature Gravette Tales Of… Deck 8.3 x 32.2. Constructed with traditional 7-ply maple wood, this is a pro quality skateboard deck. Background stains that may vary.

FREE griptape is included with the purchase of the deck. Extreme Skates is proud to stock Creature decks, including the pro boards supporting the pro skaters who design and create these decks. Creature is an established skateboarding brand and is heavily invested in quality using only the best canadian maple wood constructed with 7 plys and pressed to perfection with the concave that never disappoints!


Watch David in this Creature video

Creature Features:

  • Width – 8.3″
  • Length – 32.2″
  • Wheelbase – 14.5″
  • Traditional 7-ply construction
  • David Gravette  pro model

Comes with free griptape!

Please leave a note in the check out box if you want us to grip your deck for you.

Extreme Skates encourages the use of safety gear when skating and stocks a large variety of protective gear for your protection!