Chaya Jump Black Roller Skates


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CHAYA Jump Black Roller Skates

Chaya Jump Black Roller Skates is a pure roller skate  from POWERSLIDE. They have been working for over three years to perfect their product line and to make sure they introduce a unique design which does not compare with any other brand on the market.

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CHAYA’s image is clean, pure, and only focused on what is needed for boots and plates. Fully functional product with great design and style combining function and fashion.

The Chaya Jump Black Roller Skates with their retro look will send you on a journey back to the 70´s. It´s a very sturdy skate with a very comfortable interior. The Jump is ideal for cruising or hanging out with friends and will put you into the spotlight at the roller disco, skate park or at the beach.


The design of the Chaya Jump Black Roller Skates boot gives the vibe of a boxer in the ring, or a Formula 1 driver about to hit the race track. The retro style sneaker outsole of the boot is stiff, but also provides comfortable damping properties. This mid cut boot gets its sporty touch through the mix of PU-leather and mesh material.

The construction of the boot provides ankle support, but is flexible enough for a smooth and agile ride. The padding of the Jump roller skate is anatomically shaped around the ankle area to provide maximum comfort during each skating session.


The plate is made of a fibreglass reinforced nylon composite material, which makes the plate extra stiff and responsive and provides a smooth ride. The king pin and axles are made of steel while the cushions are made of high quality PU for easy turns and skating pleasure.

This plate features the Power Toe System (PTS) for better performance, more power, speed and control. The front of the plate is raised and angled closer to the natural bend of the out sole. This ensures that the muscles of the feet are pre-tensioned, which makes it easier to push the skates.

The replaceable toe stopper is off-set, placed towards the inside of the plate. Because of this it follows anatomical and natural movement when a skater wants to stop or walk on the toe stopper. Additionally, the stopper is made from long-lasting natural rubber for unbeatable performance.


The “Octo Paseo” wheels of the Chaya Jump Black Roller Skates are made of SHR PU-material. With a size of 62mm x 38mm and a hardness of 78A the wheels provide a great rolling performance. They are perfect for your outdoor rolling activities.


WICKED (WCD) is a new high end bearing brand specialized for all kinds of rollsport. WCD features the best available raw materials. Crafted with high quality to guarantee a fast and smooth ride but also long lifetime. WCD ABEC 7 Freespin bearings have a very good and smooth freespin. The bearing contains 7 chrome steel bearings and a light weight but resistant nylon cage. One side is covered by a non contact rubber coated RZ shield. A synthetic oil from Japan is used for this high end bearing.

Boot specs:

  • Sneaker fit mid cut boot
  • Superior comfort
  • Extremely padded mesh tongue
  • Anatomically shaped ankle area

Plate specs – CHAYA Shari DCM 3.0 20°: 

  • Nylon + Fiberglass
  • Dual Center Mounting
  • 20° truck, Aluminium, casted
  • power toe
  • offset toe stop
  • Jelly Interlock PU-Cushions, 84A


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    CM 23.0 23.7 24.2 25.1 25.8 26.5 27.2 27.9 28.6 29.3

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