Bumbag Shaolin 2 -Shoulder Bag

Bumbag Shaolin 2 – Shoulder Strap is a stylish bag lined with a blue silk lining with a dragon theme, It comes with two compartments, with internal mesh for pens and phones to keep them safe also  headphones outlet and adjustable shoulder strap. The outer is made from black ripstop material to help your bumbag keep its longevity.

Get your stylish bumbag from Extreme Skates lots of styles and colours available to choose from!

Bumbag was created by Troye Rhoades.  AKA Bobby Long who had the need to keep all his gear in one neat small place on his hip. It’s a great way to carry all your stuff on you, without having to carry a backpack and load yourself with unnecessary  weight or bag,  whether you are going to a festival or travelling no matter what, you are hands free without bulk and weight and always looking stylish too. bumbag creators have put a lot of thought into the colours and styles so there is something to suit everyone who loves the idea of an alternative to a backpack.

There is a bumbag for everyone, bumbags for the hip that fit around the waist, or bumbags that are mini messenger bags that fit across the body or bumbags that hang off your shoulder, in all kids on different materials that are designed to not only look stylish but also to be practical and hard wearing. Extreme Skates has a range of bumbags in store and on line, if you can’t find what you are looking for hit us up!!


Black ripstop
Chinese blue silk golden dragon lining
Single pouch
Adjustable shoulder strap
Woven strip logo
In&out multi-cord access port
Woven charger or cell phone storage pouch


6.5”(h) x 5”(w) x 2.25”(d)

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