Bumbag -ELOISE Compact Shoulder Strap

Bumbag – Eloise Compact shoulder Bag available now at Extreme Skates Features include an allover design by artist Eloise Dorr. This delux shoulder bag in collaboration with Uk Illustrator Eloise Dorr and bagbag with her famous dark silhouette skating characters doing rad tricks seen through out her art work.  This special Bumbag comes  with nylon lining inside, an adjustable shoulder strap keeps you comfortable while a woven Bumbag label graces the front and back. It also has an in & out multi-cord access port and woven charger or mobile phone storage pouch comes in handy  for when your phone is at 2% battery no need to take the phone out just plug the charger in! A woven outer pocket to keep your items handy for quick access.

Eloise Dorr Bumbag


  • Front and back pockets
  • Canvas bag
  • Allover design by artist Eloise Dorr
  • Black nylon lining
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Woven Bumbag label on front/back
  • In & out multi-cord access port
  • Woven charger or mobile phone storage pouch


6.5”(H) x 5”(W) x 2.25”(D)

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