Bont Boots – Prostar mid

Bont Boots – Prostar mid were created because your skates shouldn’t feel heavy or cumbersome or painful. Bont creators believe skates should feel like you aren’t wearing anything on your feet at all. Your skates should feel like an extension of your own body. Introducing the  Bont Prostar. A skate designed to be light, responsive and heat mouldable. A skate designed for you.  Extreme Skates are proud stockist oif Bont Boots and Roller Skates in a large variety of models and sizes to suit every skaters individual needs. 

Extreme Skates recommends discussing sizing with one of our industry trained staff if there is uncertainty with sizing, call us on 1300 318 011.


The Prostar boot is made with thermoplastic in the heel. This is especially good for skaters with skinny or wide ankles as it allows you to mould your boot

Sizing: Insole length

3.0  : 217mm
3.5  : 222mm
4.0  : 227mm
4.5  : 232mm
5.0  : 236mm
5.5  : 241mm
6.0  : 245mm
6.5  : 250mm
7.0  : 254mm
7.5  : 259mm
8.0  : 263mm
8.5  : 268mm
9.0  : 272mm
10.0: 281mm
11:0: 290mm
12.0: 299mm